It’s On You, Not Them: Solving the Gap to Motivate People

How much more profitable – and enjoyable – would your business be if everyone was rowing enthusiastically in the same direction? Are employees lackluster, are customers disloyal, or suppliers antagonistic? I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the solution is in your hands; the blame is not on them. 

This misalignment is solvable. It isn’t easy, but solvable. You need to parse out their motivation.

Common barriers include trust, values misalignment, specificity, incentive, and emotional disconnection.

My Stakeholder Motivation diagnostic approach for this moves through the company’s needs and realities to those stakeholders” beliefs, perceptions, and values. Then the path becomes clear as to the actions and language the brand needs to exhibit to gain alignment.

Email me at me with “Diagnostic” in your subject if you’d like a copy of my one-page outline and thought starter for your own deep dive. Or better yet, I’d love to help!