TreeHouse Counsel’s Patty Tucker is a thought partner to help you set strategy and activate a corporate brand that attracts employees, differentiates among competitors, and expresses purpose to energize stakeholders.



  • Purpose Discovery — Defining and activating your Purpose
  • Corporate Narrative – Differentiating your brand with trust-building platforms
  • Corporate USP (Unique Solving Proposition) – Galvanizing with outcomes, not attributes


  • Strategic Planning — Parsing business vision into insight-fueled communications plans
  • Community Relationships – Forging partnerships to bring your position to life
  • Measurement – Benchmarking and tracking key metrics for real-time course clarity


  • Employee Engagement – Engaging with your company’s heart and your brand’s front line
  • Talent resourcing – Helping you onboard and coach communications talent, whether team additions or outsourced specialties




“I know what we have isn’t best practice, but I don’t know exactly what is, or how to get there.”

This observation from Chief of Corporate Operations, Jennifer Dangar was the beginning of the Treehouse alliance with  Jackson Healthcare, a $1 billion healthcare staffing company with exceptional culture and generous heart.   Together we evolved the talented Corporate Communications and Marketing function into a new best practice from A to Z.

As Executive-in-Residence, I worked in partnership with the senior leadership on a long-term relationship.  I crafted a comprehensive strategic plan with benchmarks to measure future impacts, honed the brand narrative and advanced the visual identity.  We implemented an internal engagement channel (Workplace by Facebook) to deepen and protect cultural alignment as the organization spreads across multiple cities and buildings. We defined a community impact platform, named it LoveLifts™, and hired a charismatic leader to drive impacts for associates and partners. We added new talent to the team including PR, social media and digital marketing chops to help implement the ambitious vision and provide shared services for Jackson Healthcare’s 17 operating companies.